Edmond Newton Attends NYFW SS '17

September 27, 2016

Edmond Newton and his team travelled to one of Fashion's most sacred cities to witness the world's greatest art form unfold… yes people I’m talking about The New York Fashion Week: the grand ménage à trois featuring the world’s most innovative fashion designers, the world’s hottest models and the world's most famous celebrities! As a finalist on Project Runway Season 14, Edmond Newton had the opportunity to showcase his show-stopping designs on this larger-than-life fashion platform. This year Edmond along with Kelly Dempsey, another past finalist of Project Runway Season 14, returned to NYFW for the showcasing of this season’s Project Runway finalists. “It was a different experience being in the audience”, Edmond commented, “I understood the stress that these emerging designers had to face, I was nervous for them too!” We anticipated a fabulous show and we got nothing less! The caliber of designs that the finalists brought to the runway was impressive and we all agreed that our favorite looks were those that incorporated leather with black and white duality. However, to our disappointment there were no evening gowns. Edmond was in absolute shock, “Gowns are as essential as air! I can’t go to NYFW and not see evening gowns!” Thankfully a nearby show had models dressed in playful Grecian gowns and this kept us from having a hissy fit. Of course what goes up must come down and thus our NYFW high has begun to fade. If only we could bottle the essense of NYFW and take a hit ever-so-often, but until then, farewell New York Fashion Week. 



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