Three words: We. Love. Bermuda!

April 7, 2016


 Three words: We. Love. Bermuda! Can you imagine a place so beautiful, so picturesque that you think you are in a dream? Well, yes that dream is Bermuda and that is exactly what the Edmond Newton Design House experienced last week. After two hours spent watching “Dior and I” and “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s” we were finally in paradise. Flying to Bermuda was like flying into the cover of an exquisite travel magazine. As the plane descended into this turquoise and emerald dreamland we knew this would be a life changing experience. Looking through the window of the plane resembled looking at a brand new high definition television. Vividly colored houses accented the hills like jewels. Canary yellow and flamingo pink houses seemed to blend into the background like flowers in the midst of a garden. After getting through a friendly and efficient airport system we were immediately met by beckoning palms trees and crystal clear water ebbing and flowing upon delicate white sand. We would have stared at the ocean for hours had it not been for the warm welcome we received from the beautiful Bermudians. Everything from their gorgeous gleaming faces to their soothing accents made the arrival more heavenly. The Edmond Newton Design House would first and foremost like to thank Mayor Gosling and First Lady Gosling for welcoming us to the beautiful city of Hamilton. We would also like to express our gratitude to Michelle Laylor, the creator of the "I AM" Series, and Roshena Beek, the head of marketing for the “I AM” team, for inviting us to showcase in the “I AM” Series and escorting us to Hamilton city's most luxurious and exclusive hotel.  Upon arrival we saw a magnificent coral pink hotel sitting delicately on lush peridot grass and realized why it was called The Hamilton Princess. A world-class staff took care of all our needs in the lively Bermudian spirit that we had heard so much about and the hospitality shown to Edmond Newton Design House is something we will be talking about for months to come. The recently modified penthouses we stayed in were luxurious and the ocean view was spectacular to say the least.

The next few days leading up to the “I AM” Series were absolute bliss! The Edmond Newton Design House had a wonderful time at the crystal cave and fantasy cave excursions as well as sampling all the exotic and delicious cuisines that the island had to offer. The various delicacies that we ate were fresh and rich in spices. Not only were the cuisines tantalizing but the presentations were fantastic. “Swizzle In, Swagger Out” offered amazing live entertainment from a vibrant band that even performed a few songs by request, one being  Tears for Fears 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World'. Another band that we saw performed excellent renditions of Marvin Gaye’s most popular tracks which soothed our hearts and put our souls at ease.

No matter how prepared the Edmond Newton team is, backstage is always filled with the hustle and bustle of making sure each detail is perfected and as we always say, fabulous designs are not complete without fabulous hair, make-up and accessories. The help we received from the teams of stylists made the backstage process smooth and enjoyable. The House of Edmond Newton would like to say a huge thank you to Michelle Laylor who provided elegant accessories from Michelle’s Treasure Chest. The exquisitely crafted pieces we received from Michelle’s Treasure Chest complemented the evening wear dresses magnificently. Also thank you to Tanju Kurt, the owner of TK Salon, for the expert hair and make-up services. The models looked absolutely stunning and confident in the bold looks that TK Salon provided. The Edmond Newton Design House would also like to thank the Edmond Newton team, who once again did a spectacular job on the preparation and execution of the Edmond Newton resort-wear collection.

It was pleasure for The Edmond Newton Design House to interact with the audience during the Q&A Session. Shyna Duncan was a graceful host whose ensured that the Q&A session proceeded smoothly. We were completely humbled by not only the energy we received from the crowd but by the amount of individuals who supported Edmond Newton during Project Runway Season 14. It was also a pleasure to meet several of Bermuda’s talented young designers.

The Edmond Newton Design House would like to thank The City of Hamilton's events coordinator, Danilee Trotter, for the exclusive reception following the "I AM" Series. It was an honor to have Mayor Gosling and First Lady Gosling view the Edmond Newton resort-wear collection at the “I AM” Series and we once again thank them for their gracious hospitality. It was amazing how fashion-forward the Hamilton City Officials were and their presence at the “I AM” Series made the entire experience phenomenal.

Nothing could have been more exciting than waking up on a peaceful Sunday morning to find that the Edmond Newton Design House had made the front page of the Royal Gazette! We would like to thank the Royal Gazette for highlighting our showcase at the “I AM” Series. It was shocking, humbling and incredible to be honored in that manner; it truly was a moment we will never forget. After evaluating the experience we would have to say that our least enjoyable moment was…leaving the enchanting island of Bermuda. Not only was the island everything one could ever dream of but it was a home away from home. The dazzling beaches and fantastic food cannot compare to the beautiful people of Bermuda who welcomed us to their island. We knew the warmth that we felt was not only coming from the tropical weather, but from the hearts of everyone that we met. Three words: We. Will. Return.


*Go to  EVENTS PHOTOS for pictures from Bermuda!

























































































































































































































































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