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The namesake luxury brand EDMOND NEWTON, fashionably expresses the designers life & style experiences through runway collections.  Garments and accessories are handcrafted in the Atelier by its team of artisans.


Our clients often express feelings of extreme sexiness while being adorned in our garments and products.  

The EDMOND NEWTON brand has been described by the founder and creative director as being simply 

" A modern form of luxury for a new generation."



Proclaimed as the Phantom of Fashion.  The self taught fashion designer has utilized his talents and imagination to create worlds that are admired by consumers both domestically and internationally.  With a newly re-energized passion and optimism for fashion after a global pandemic, Edmond is excited to introduce the house's latest projects. Please be sure to join our email Evip list for updates on events, news and product release.


"Our Mission is to build within the house in order to create opportunities for others to progress forward in the world of fashion."



The EDMOND NEWTON luxury fashion house is known for its sexy, glamorous, and beautiful creations.  Independently owned and operated "We pride ourselves on building garments that vicariously celebrate a woman's body." 

Our purpose is to share with the world, our interpretation of

fashion opulence.

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Contact info: EN FASHION Group.     Tel: 678-802-9191

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