American Fashion Designer Edmond Newton achieved fame from the very first episode of being introduced to the world on Emmy nominated fashion reality show “Project Runway”. Season 14 of the show is where he was able to showcase his talents which earned him a spot as a top three finalist.

Edmond Newton was born in Ohio but grew up in the small textile mill town of Union, South Carolina.  At a young age, he developed a flair for the arts.  Later in life, fashion became a huge interest on his agenda as he began to travel with his hairstylist mom accompanying her to beauty, hair & fashion trade shows. It was his exposure to this world that sparked an inner passion for creativity.  He was also inspired by watching a television show spotlighting Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace his vision of his own future became clear.  

At the age of seventeen, Edmond signed with an agency and became a professional model in order to gain experience and industry knowledge. However, his love for fashion continued to flourish as Edmond taught himself to cut, sew & design then later developing his very own fashion label.  The label NOIRSOUL MENSWEAR is a high fashion men’s label which was inspired by stylish music icons of the seventies and eighties such as David Bowie, Jimmy Hendrix, Miles Davis to name a few.   

It was in 2005 after relocating to Atlanta in order to pursue his career in fashion that he opened his very first design studio.  It was then where he would create the luxury aesthetic of the EDMOND NEWTON House.  The signature design house featuring a range of luxury goods, evening gowns, and high fashion couture would later be introduced on the prestigious runway at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. 

After the success of Project Runway and showing at New York Fashion Week Edmond’s life as a fashion designer catapulted as he created major buzz both domestic and internationally via magazine press, articles, interviews and appearances.  The signature EDMOND NEWTON brand is now known for its beauty, glamour, and most of all an illustrious sexiness that attracts celebrity clientele as well as people of the real world.  “My clients allow me to make the world my runway.”  Edmond proclaims, “I love how my designs make a complete fashion statement from head toe.”

Currently, Edmond continues to design his collections season after season continuing to build the EDMOND NEWTON Empire. 

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